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2022 16 Nov Placrylic™ Art Fair, Middlethorpe Hall, York England

2023  Agora Gallery New York, USA

2023 14 to 22 October 2023, XIV Florence Biennale 2023, Italy

Exhibition Solo 

2008 Now or Never, Privet Gallery, Gothenburg Sweden

2012 …here we go again, Privet Gallery, Gothenburg Sweden

2017 What is good art? Recent Paintings Gallery, Pontus Wiknersgatan Gothenburg Sweden

2019 Art Nordic, the largest art exhibition in Scandinavia, Copenhagen Denmark

2020 Art Nordic, the largest art exhibition in Scandinavia, Copenhagen Denmark

2021 May 2021 Gallery Ekerås, Gothenburg Sweden

2021 26-28 November, Lokomotivværkstedet Art Nordic Copenhagen, Denmark

2021 2021 1-22 december, Agora Gallery New York, USA

2022 7-10 April at Pier 94 Artexpo New York, New York, USA

2022 22-29 April at show BIOSIS in HNH Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York, New York, USA

2022 5-11 september, artpotable Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Exhibition with other artists

2015 Exhibition Gothenburg Stadsbiblioteket, Sweden

2016 Exhibition Gothenburg Stadsbiblioteket, Sweden

2017 Artem artgrupp, Molinsgatan 11 Gothenburg Sweden

2019 Artem artgrupp, Gallery Engleson, Gothenburg Sweden

2020 Art Biz Team, Almhaga art gallery, Skavarp Skåne Sweden

2021 Artem artgrupp Engleson gallery, Gothenburg Sweden

Public and Corporate Collections Among the collections in which BM Tidemand paintings are represented are

The Queen Silvias Children´s Hospital front page annuell report 2009 and 2010 and font page of research report 2016

Wilfast and at Queen Silvias Children´s Hospital office,Gothenburg Sweden and in privet homes in Sweden and Australia.

Cover of Queen Silvia's Children and Youth Hospital and Women's Healthcare Research Report 2016 and Annuell report 2010 and 2009