hit by the flash, Oil Size 45x55 cm It came like a bolt from the light blue sky, than it occurred to me that often we experience that both joy and sorrow arise from nowhere

The BIOSIS show 22-29 April 2022 at HNH Gallery , Brooklyn New York, New York, USA

BIOSIS is the approach toward and departure from life. We shine light on the transformative nature of existence: all forms are either ascending to order or descending into disorder.

HNH Gallery

Exhibiton 2022 April 7-10, Artexpo New York, USA

To create and shape

When I look at life so far, the words creating and shaping have been a great motivation in my actions and decisions that I have made both consciously and unconsciously.

To me, life is about to be inspired and to feel the warmth and goodness in everything I do. Good and interesting art what is that? What the art world treats and denotes as art is art! Daily language use tends the question "is this art?" Rather mean "is this good art?"

My art may, but definitely does not have to be, a platform for debate, thoughts and ideas that are born and realized. What I hope and think is that the viewer likes what he or she looks at and enjoy coloring and design and creates his own image of art.

Britt-Marie Tidemand, Gothenburg Sweden


The Ethereal Dance: A Winter's Dream December 1 - December 22, 2021 New York

We spin around and hopefully we getting it right, Oil Size 80x120

Click on the picture to see the whole panting. We spin it around and hopefully we getting it right, Oil Size 80x120



Exhibition coming up next;

2022 5-11 september, artpotable Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2023 Agora Gallery New York, USA

2023 14 to 22 October 2023, XIV Florence Biennale 2023, Italy


Painting outdoors gives a feeling of freedom. Being one with nature gives a sense of belonging