M.A.D.S. Art Gallery the EMERGING Art exhibition 2023 December 14-21 

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exhibition takes place September 1st to 3rd 2023 at Volume, Enghavevej, Copenhagen Denmark


We are 80 artists for Art Unites in Volume and Game, Vesterbro. ARTUNITES is a celebration of community and solidarity through art.
There will be food trucks, activities and festival vibes in the courtyard outside the exhibition area. 


Beyond 60x60 cm  Placrylic Paint, working from a colour palette: blue, yellow, green and black

Floting pices in the air, Oil Size 60x120 cm

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery the EMERGING Art exhibition 2023 May 18-June 

@m.a.d.s.art gallery

“There is a dark sensual fascination to Britt-Marie Tidemand’s paintings” also in the ones she presents at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery during the EMERGING Art exhibition.

Similar in their colors and in the lines thatcompose the subjects, the three scenes are the representation of the Swedish artist’s artistic essence.

Eachpiece shows a dreamland atmosphere in which throughout the colorful background some naked bodieseasily fluctuate. Softer is the giving of the lines composing the characters, opposed to the ones of the darkand deep brushes creating the background. ‘Over my Bed’; ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Hanging Around’ refigure theartist’s emotions and feelings to which she wants the viewers to look at. The faces of the main charactersof the scenes seem to be sad and grotesque absorbed in their feelings and emotions. Looking attentively atthe bodies is it possible to enter the scene, to feel and hear the same sentiments. The sinuousness of thecurves into the ‘sea of fire’ in which they lay, is something the artist has created in order to permit theviewers to see the positive also into the difficulties of life.



Exhibition coming up next;

2024 June 4-10The Land of Silence, Musa-paviljongen i Palazzo Pisani-Revedinunder, Biennale di            Venezia, Italy

2024 Agora Gallery New York, USA

Painting outdoors gives a feeling of freedom. Being one with nature gives a sense of belonging