About me how I became a artist

Values I do find important

I have a strong belief in people, passion, inspires others to perform and do good in the world, proud and happy to be able to lead / support others in a collaboration, takes bangs to stand up for people and ideas that I believe in.

I am driven towards success, whether it is by leading the nation to wealth and prosperity or by leading the boys' team to a fighting victory.

Let me take you on an art journey there you will experience the horrors and a frustration that never ends. The journey starts in Sweden when I was in the fifth grade. The school was called “Tuppaskolan” it was in a small town called Landskrona, Sweden. My teacher in drawing in fifth grade said that creativity is part of one's character. She believed that I had it in me. I thank her for believing in me. It was in the fifth grade I painted my first painting. My mom and dad got the painting as a present from me and the painting hanging on the wall in theirs home even today……………. I lay low for many years than when I turned sixteen. I started to study economic and marketing and did that for three years. The two first years we had drawing on the schedule. In the second year I only did one painting. My teacher said to me that I should believe in my self and develop my self in the creative sector. Because he thought that I had a gift. And here I am many years later having my paintings in the space. Jag är ett stycke. 

To create and shape

When I look at life so far, the words creating and shaping have been a great motivation in my actions and decisions that I have made both consciously and unconsciously. To me, life is about to be inspired and to feel the warmth and goodness in everything I do. Good and interesting art what is that? What the art world treats and denotes, as art is art! Daily language use tends the question "is this art?" Rather mean "is this good art?" My art may definitely does not have to be, a platform for debate, thoughts and ideas that are born and realized. I do have in some of my panting a thought that I want to express. I can tell you about it, but it does not mean that the viewer needs to have the same thought when looking at it. What I hope and think is that the viewer likes what he or she looks at and enjoy coloring and design and create his own image of art.

I work in two different processes

Both processes starts with the idea of wanting to find different shades of color (oil paint). The more abstract process, here I go through three phases where in the first phase I go wild and crazy "smudges" on the canvas with different oil colors on top of each other. In phase two I start to put shapes by sketching with a brush, knife or other tools. This phase I put maybe sand, fabric in the board and in phase three a clearer picture begins to take form.

In the other process I have a clear picture of what I want to express based on my thoughts and impressions I got by watching a movie, the news, flipping through newspapers, self experienced etc. It starts with that I make a simple sketch, then I paint the expression in several layers of color (oil paint), in most cases this becomes images and expressions from humans and animals.

Abstract process

Abstract process

What I attach great importance to in all my paintings is the light, it gives the image a deeper feeling and makes it easier to stop and look at the image.

What I attach great importance to in all my paintings is the light, it gives the image a deeper feeling and makes it easier to stop and look at the image.


I'm mostly self-taught. I have taken classes from an educated artist in the evenings and I share a small studio with some of my artist friends that I meet in this evenings classes. We have inspired each other.

A degree at the Design and cut the academy and had my own company where I designed and drew patterns.

Certification ISCA -International Society Contemporary Art