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The best from Britt-Marie Tidemand

Gothenburg, Sweden


About me

Let me take you on an art journey there you will experience the horrors and a frustration that never ends. The journey starts in Sweden in 1973. I am in the fifth grade. The school was called “Tuppaskolan” it was in a small town called Landskrona, Sweden.

My teacher in drawing in fifth grade said that creativity is part of one's character. She believed that I had it in me. I thank her for believing in me. It was in the fifth grade I painted my first painting. My mom and dad got the painting as a present from me and the painting hanging on the wall in theirs home even today……………. 

I lay low for many years Than when I turned sixteen. I started to study economic and marketing and did that for three years. The two first years we had drawing on the schedule. In the second year I only did one painting. My teacher said to me that I should believe in my self and develop my self in the creative sector. Because he thought that I had a gift. And here I am many many many years later I have my paintings in the space. I hope you will enjoy my paintings.